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Equine Podiatry is a fascinating field that combines the art of farriery and blacksmithing with the medicine and science of the veterinary profession.  The foot of the horse is a very complex structure that has the enormous task of not only supporting the weight of the horse but also absorbing tremendous impact as it propels the horse at great speeds over often unforgiving terrain.  The complexity and importance of the Equine foot means it deserves special attention and treatment and that is precisely what we are here for.  We work on all breeds and disciplines from show horses to backyard companions.  Our relationship with veterinarians and farriers is of paramount importance to us.  Our goal is not to take over the treatment of horses from vets and farriers but rather to work with them whenever possible to ensure a successful outcome.  As the Japanese proverb says, “None of us are as smart as all of us!” We truly enjoy this teamwork approach to podiatry and it is integral to the way we do business.  Considering the importance of teamwork, we are proud to be affiliated with the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and we are grateful to work out of their new sport horse facility.  We have a close working relationship with the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and are fortunate to interact with some of the most talented veterinarians in the world on a daily basis.  Should you need our services we truly look forward to joining your team.

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