$200 Minimum-We wish we did not have to charge for consultation.  However, we are overwhelmed with requests for consultation and we put a great deal of time and effort into each and every consultation.

There is no substitute for a hands on examination of your horse.  However with open lines of communication between our staff and your veterinarian and farrier it is amazing what can be accomplished.  Please contact the office to expedite a consultation at (859) 953-0774.  Whenever possible all information below should be e-mailed to  Alternatively you can reach us via the USPS at Fraley Equine Podiatry P.O. Box 11578 Lexington, KY 40576

What will we need from you?

  1. Contact information (phone and e-mail) for you, your veterinarian, and farrier.
  2. A thorough case history preferably from your veterinarian
  3. Photographs of your horse’s affected foot/feet from all angles at ground level as well as a picture of the sole
  4. Depending on the disease process we will need lateral and DP radiographs at bare minimum
  5. Video displaying your horses overall well being and degree of lameness.   *DO NOT force very lame horses to walk for the sake of videoing.  Severely lame horses should be videoed moving at their own free will in the stall.
  6. Occasionally we will need tracings of your horse’s feet in the event we need to make shoes.  We will discuss this process in detail with you should this be necessary.

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